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Established in 1979 High quality communication and broadcasting devices manufactured with technologies developed through RF Research and Development maintained at laboratory level, have been brought to market under company trade marks, "EPSAT and Vector

EPROM has taken on dealerships for products of distinguished and successful companies operating today in the areas of Radio/TV Transmission Systems and accessories as well as in digital audio and video.

Areas of Specialization
EPROM carries out RFD and production activities in a wide spectrum of areas within the scope of communications and broadcasting systems, from microwave link systems to FM Radio and UHF TV transmitters, from Antenna systems to power dividers, from band-pass filters to cavities.
EPROM provides maintenance and production studio equipment for communications and broadcasting systems as well as studio installation and technical support services.
EPROM provides services of sales and installation of units such as Analog and Digital SATELLITE UP & DOWN LINK systems, codec, modem, up-down converter, SSPA, TWT, multi-port antenna, Fly-Awayantenna, LNA, LNB, wave guide, connector, etc. on a system or unit basis along with top-level EPROM technical support.
EPROM manufactures, designs and imports hardware and software for computer aided numerical media processing systems geared towards communications and broadcasting sectors.

EPROM, having focused its activities in the RF transmitters after completion its work in the satellite receiver systems, targeting the local and overseas markets of Turkey is continuing to its activities to manufacture and develop the powerful brands in Turkey under the trademark named Vector.
TV and radio transmitters as well as microwave link systems and their antennas and accessories meeting the international standards are m,anufactured today by EPROM in Turkey.
Technical qualification possessed by EPROM in RF and service providing has been certified by TGM.
Standard and custom designed FM band filters, directional couplers, dividers up to 20 kW of capacity, cavity-filters for the TV systems, system units and modules are taking place in the product spectrum.

Eprom's Research and Development Activities
EPROM is one of the private companies working in the field of high frequency in Turkey possessing the most advanced laboratory devices and technical instruments. There are VM700A, AM700, Video/Audio Analysers, 2 GHz Analog and Digital Oscilloscopes, 28 GHz Spectrum Analysers, Communication Analysers, VITS Pattern/Signal Generator, Frequency Counter in the EPROM's laboratory.
EPROM is closely following all of the technical developments, and it is continuously renovating both its production and working technologies as well as the equipment park. EPROM knows that the way towards going further is passing through the research.

EPROM as representatives, distributors and value-added resellers is representing in Turkey a series of establishments famous due their quality systems in broadcasting, communication and related systems and due their leader position in the world, and is presenting their products to the users together with the EPROM's after sale services.
The firms that are represented by EPROM as representatives, distributors and value-added resellers, and their field of activities are given hereunder:
In the fields of up-link and down-link Systems; Wegener, Comtech, Starguide, Sierra Digital, Prodelin.
In the areas of combiners, splitters and RF Filters; as value-added resellers, it is jointly working with the establishments like Ci, TerraCom that are specific in their work.

Eprom's Maintenance And Repair Services
EPROM is continuing with success and endeavour its works in service sector both in the workshop and allover the country, and is giving uninterruptible workshop and service support to all of the products sold by it. Thanks to the EPROM's trained technical service personnel experienced in the field of service, the rates of not working or out of service products are very smaIl in amount so that it can be stated as not available.
The service support provided by EPROM is not limited only with the products and systems manufactured and sold by it, the services are also being given speedy and all over the country to numerous imported systems and to the systems (both possessing various characteristics) for which the service support cannot be provided in Turkey.
By its well trained, experienced and numerous service staff, EPROM, in framework of a General Maintenance, Repair and Service Agreement is providing all over the country immediate, speedy and reliable services to the national, regional and local levels broadcasters.
The experienced and qualified service teams are supported in their field works by comprehensive test and service equipment in the world standards, manufactured to use in the field. In case, necessary services are be ing provided by establishing portable quality laboratories in the .service areas. The high output devices difficult to transport are tested at site.

Turnkey Systems And Solutions
EPROM possesses broad experiences especially in professional and semi-professional radio and TV direct broadcasting and in construction of complete radio and TV stations.
Equipment supply and turnkey solutions for radio and TV studios with EPROM guarantee are preferred by the customers. The numbers of the service providing establishments from Van to Fethiye, from Istanbul to Urfa and from Antalya to Rize in this framework is being expressed by hundreds.
EPROM's customers are not only the purchasers of EPROM products. Supports are given in the areas like services, technical consultancy, measurement and field works to the establishments possessing installed systems or preferring other products.
Standard solutions are being produced basing on the standard systems and also, special solutions fully meeting the requirements are being designed and offered basing on the special design systems, taking the customers' requests wishing to take advantages from EPROM's services and the topographic conditions into consideration.

Eprom Is Located Just In The Middle Of The Country In The Business Core of Ankara
EPROM is settled in Kızılay the business core of Ankara, which is the most advantageous area to reach to almost all places of Turkey. Its business place totalling to an area of 500 m2 is arranged in a manner and structure to provide the possibility most productive to execute today's RF production, research and development activities.
In addition to the central business place in Kızılay, there is a production department in the Industrial Zone in Ankara where heavy and serial mechanical works are carried out.

Technical Staff Of Eprom
EPROM has ensured its continuity and success since 19 years with its personnel structure basing on quality and experienced elements taking place around a powerful kernel staff.
Technical personnel of EPROM are formed by persons expert in their work.
In the Research and Development Department of the Firm there are 3, in the Production Department 3 and in the Service Department 3 high-educated key persons. The vocational school educated elements are working under these key personnel.
In addition, there is an administrative staff fulfilling the administrative and management services of the Firm. Being conscious of the necessity to establish close and respectful relations with the customers, each of the personnel is endeavouring to provide services going well with EPROM.